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Organizational development: how it works?

We worked to unleash the full potential of the Herrera Ramos association and management team, which came from senior positions in academia and the medical profession, specializing in musculoskeletal health. The Foundation's board comprises medical notables who only needed our guidance on an itinerary to learn and find their place in civil society, manage it and shine with their light. It was a pleasure and a privilege to accompany them to find their way and enable them to do good and continue healing in a new way, beyond the clinic, being more efficient and professional as a civil organization.

The methodology: To accompany them, we led a reflection towards strategic consensus and intensive planning that looks at two years. Together with their directives, we find ways to deploy their social assets, a product of their unique role as doctors and charismatic people skills, to transform them into a better capacity for social influence, synergy with the health system and the speciality.

Institutional design: We guide the conversation on the organizational model (canvas) through a perspective focused on empathy with the patient-citizen and their life project. We investigate to discover the role of the Foundation as an institutional actor in public health and the SDGs (Net-mapping). We use design thinking tools to identify preferences, design the value proposition and ways of approaching people and the circumstances of the disease.

Sustainable development: We managed to plan and design while creating new leadership and management skills in the medical team. Emerging from game networking workshops and webinars, we convened managers and executive directors of reference institutions of civil society and charitable foundations in the benchmarking framework. We also facilitate an intense discussion with our consulting team about the challenges and alternatives, deciding the future based on evidence and knowledge, using SWOT analysis, PESTEL, and stakeholder mapping.

Launch: We designed a brand strategy and its new visual identity; we implemented a modern portal and network battery with donation channels and pathways (journeys) to patients, doctors, donors, and volunteers using digital information and communication services. We work in copywriting to collaborate in developing texts and information that today supports their expression and achievement of objectives. We help the creation of programming, a board of notables and influencers that enhance their lobby and competitive intelligence. Not only that, but we created channels and pilot campaigns to experiment with ways of collecting online through micro-donors and paved the way for lobbying large corporate donors to provide financial support for projects of scientific development and public good in agreement with the Uruguayan Society of Rheumatology.

Overall, we are very grateful for the technical trust. But moreover, we believe that our most remarkable achievement was the autonomy and financial and social sustainability of this organization; It was thanks to the intense work of its directors in formulating a consistent plan and managerial capacities to execute it.

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